Monday, August 13, 2012

The Sunshine Award

The lovely Lisa Lynn has nominated me for the Sunshine Award!

I get to answer 10 questions about myself.

  1. Favorite Color: Blue
  2. Favorite Animal: Chickens (obviously..).
  3. Favorite Number: 7
  4. Favorite Drink: Coffee or Lemonade
  5. Facebook or Twitter: Twitter, 'cause I don't have a facebook!
  6. Good book or good movie: During the summer I want a good book and during the winter I want a good movie.
  7. My passion(s): Soccer, Photography, Blogging, Coffee.
  8. Giving or getting presents: Giving if I know what they like. Today I am giving my big sister a personalized journal with a picture of her goat on it ;)
  9. Favorite day of the year: My birthday!
  10. Favorite Flower: Blue Hydrangeas! I just discovered them this year and I am in love with them. 
And nominate 10 blogs. :)
Here we go, in no particular order..

  1. Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos. I love your photography and Felicity is just adorable! 
  2. Gina @ Chic Homeschool Mama. I love looking at your photography and reading your tips!
  3. Nancy @A Rural Journal. I love how blunt you are. And your photography is stunning! Could you maybe post some photos of your chickens for the next Rural Thursday
  4. Lisa @ Two Bears Farm. I love your posts for Rural Thursday. And your kids are adorable!
  5. Sarah @ Naptime Momtog. I love your macro shots. That dragonfly you posted a little while back was amazing!
  6. Bethany @ Bethany Marie Photography. I love all your nature shots. Your budding tree shots are my favorites!
  7. Emily @ Life, Ect. I love your, everything!
  8. Jenny @ Jenny Matlock. Love her Alphabet Thursday! And she is just hilarious.
  9. Tayet @ In Tayet's Shoes. Love your headers and macro shots! And that crested duck was pretty awesome...
  10. Delena @ A Farm Girls Story. Lil' sis, this is your first award so use it well!
Would love for you to all follow me! If you aren't already...


Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Cool- so great to get to know you better. I will have to work on this!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Thank you for the nomination! Congrats on your award!! Are we following each other on Twitter? We should, if we're not already.

Nancy Claeys said...

Thank you so much Yolanda. The award is very much appreciated. And yours is well deserved.

I have a couple of juvenile chickens I may try to photo for RT this week. :)

Sarah Halstead said...

Great getting to know you better! Thank you for your sweet words!

Lisa Lynn said...

Love your list :P

Glad to share the award with your awesome blog :)...Lisa Lynn