Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Hens!

So far this is the only one who actually likes me, but she doesn't have a name yet.

So this is one of my chickens how just recently got eaten, I think its crazy how much she looks like the girl in the next picture.
You see the resemblance? Or is it just me?

This girl, HATES me. Like a lot. I spent forever chasing her around just so I could catch her and take a picture. Anyone have any idea what breed she is?

Mythy does not like the new girls one bit, she kept coming up and fighting with them through the fence. Sorry about the quality of this picture! I was using a lot of zoom.

This is all of them together. There are 4 Ameraucana's and I have no clue what the white and tan one is.

Here are some photos I posted yesterday just in case you missed them.

I can't wait for them to start laying eggs!
They all range between 1 to 3 years old.

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EG CameraGirl said...

Looks like each one has its own distinct character.

Renae said...

Chickens are so strange and yet wonderful. I love eggs and my husband love to eat chicken almost everyday. We had chickens last year and the year before that... then we moved to where we can't have them but we see quail and doves all over the place here.

Anonymous said...

Those girls certainly do look like they wish they didn't have a fence between them. They'd sure make the feathers fly.

My Journey With Candida said...

Looks like you could have a chicken fight on your hands. LOL... girls will be girls.

Amarie said...

I rarely see chickens unless they're already packaged, lol! These guys definitely look like a bunch of characters! :)

Lisa Lynn said...

Love the photos! I've had a few fight like that before, but they eventually resolved their differences. I wonder if the unknown breed might be a a Golden Comet or Red Star, something like that.

Love the Americaunas!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

How fun! They are great! I been chicken keeping for about 13 years. I really enjoy my chickens. I want to be ordering some chicks soon for brooding. I think brooding in the late summer works out well for me, as our springs can have a lot of snowy weather. Have fun!

deb duty said...

You really have some beautiful chickens! I hope they are laying eggs for you soon!