Wednesday, August 15, 2012

M is for Chicken Madness

So I rescued 5 more hens from the chicken prison!
So total, I have rescued 10 hens, yay!
If you didn't read about them last week you can read about them here.

None of them have names yet, except for one you will read about farther down this post..
Easter Egger
I didn't want anymore black hens but I also wanted to save as many as I could.
And she is a very big strong hen.
Black Jersey

The guy said she is a Cinnamon Queen? I didn't even know that was a breed!
I will so bad for this girl. Se has one tail feather, and barely any on her booty. :(
Rhode Island Red

Now on to the best part...

This is Lois Lane, she is 5 years old. Ameraucana. I know that 'cause I got her when she was 2 days old. Then 3 years ago I made the bad decision of trading her for a different chicken. So I just bought her back yesterday! She remembers one of my chickens which I thought was awesome. I have no idea what chickens long term memory is like. But she remembers something.

I am so happy that I decided to get her back. The hen of mine that she remembers was very curious when I brought these new hens home. Then later that night Lois Lane got out of her pen and went up to the barn and they were sitting side by side talking. Is was adorable.

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Debra said...

They are all so cute! ( not sure if most people call chickens cute but I think they are! :)

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

how fun! i love it when i come across one of my horse babies at a horse show, they always seem to remember me...

Brittney said...

Chickens are cute no matter what anyone says. They may not be really cute physically but their behavior makes up for what they lack in feather coverage.... :) I'm glad you got Lois Lane back. A chicken with such a great name deserves to be back with where she picked it up.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Lois Lane was happy to be back home with you. :-)

Susan Mystery said...

It is so great that you were able to get Lois back and that seems to remember being there. Best to you and the chickens you have brought home.

VBR said...

Anyone who thinks that animals do not remember can just look at your little chicken girl -returned home and happy to see her friend.
If that black Jersey chicken is a girl (and I think it is) you could name her Joy-Zee because she is a 'Jersey girl!' I just love your blog, and visiting your chicken babies.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

They looks so handsome in their pictures!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Fascinating post and fantastic photography ~ So glad you got your chicken back and she has a 'friend' ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Sandy said...

Lois Lane.. what a name! So glad
you got her back. As for chickens, I want to get some for the eggs but my HOA said "no way"... I'm envious really and did not know you could
rescue chickens.
Loved your post

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Poor baldy butt chicken. Hope those feathers regrow soon ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a great chicken story! So glad the rescued hens will have a better life now.

anitamombanita said...

They're all great but I do really like one-feather franny! She looks like she needs a little love and we're all here to give it to her! :)

Nancy Claeys said...

You have such a big heart -- so glad these chickies have a new chicken mama that loves them. :)

Ellen said...

How many chickens do you have now?

Jenny said...

Bravo for you!

Hooray for the chickens!

I love your generous and kind heart! You are really a magnificent person, Miss Yolanda!

Thank you for sharing this warm hearted smile with us for the letter 'M'.