Monday, August 13, 2012

Observing Beauty ~Food~ Week 14

I'm co-hosting Observing Beauty with Bethany and Sue!

This weeks prompt is Food.

  • Photo must be taken by you and relevant to this weeks prompt.
  • Specify which photo you are link up (if more then one photo is in your post).
  • All photos must be G rated. We can delete any entries we find inappropriate.
  • Leave the link to your blog post not your main blog URL.
  • Leave our button or a link to one of our blogs in your post.
  • If your photo is the winner of the challenge we can post it on our blogs.
  • Please comment on other participants photos.
  • Have fun!
Upcoming challenges:
Photographers Choice.


Lisa Lynn said...

Now I'm hungry for a donut :)

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I've chosen your blog as a recipient for the Sunshine Award! Stop by and check it out :)

Renae said...

Hey Yolanda! Cool post, but you know what? That pale green color on your text is nearly impossible to see, read or dis-cipher for this ol' eyes o' mine. darken? possibly?
thanks bunches and have a greatest day.

joanne said...

Although I love donuts, and your great pic confirms that, I try not to stop at any donut shops for my weight sake....