The Hens

Lobacca, 4 years old. A very tame chicken, she hatched here on the farm.

Buffalo, also 4 years old. I don't even remember why my sister named her Buffalo the Chicken.

Mithril, 4 years old.  When she was little she was so Silvery that she looked white.
Mith, meaning "grey", and ril  meaning "glitter".

Kiya, 8 years old. We named her after the American Girl Kiya.
Mithril's mom. Amerucana.

Alanna, 4 years old. She is one of the tamest chickens I have. Amerucanca.

Tomato, 4 ears old. 3 winters ago she got frost on one whole foot and little by little it all came off so she just has a stub now. We named her Tomato because she is to-mat-o-less. Black Australorp.

Lily, 4 years old.She didn't even have a name until about a week ago.
Black Australorp.

Lady, 4 years old. She also didn't have a name until a week ago. Black Australorp.

Baddy, 4 years old. Black Australorp.

Beaty, 4 years old. She is almost always beat up so her name is Beaty
Black Australorp.

Henny Penny, 8 years old. This is like the 4th Henny Penny he have ever had.
Amerucana/Black Australorp.

Maddi, she will be a year old on June 11th. Amerucana/Black Australorp.

Evil, a year old in June. Black Australorp/Amerucana.

Whisper, a year old June 11th. She almost never makes a sound so that's why she is Whisper. Amerucana/Black Australorp.

Innocent, a year old in June. Amerucana/Black Australorp

Cleo, will be a year old in late June.
Full Ameraucana.


Kerri said...

Cute chickens! I love them. Wonderful post! And cute names.

Life On A Mini Farm

Kiya/Delena said...

They are sooo cute! Of course I like Kiya's pic the most. :)

Most of them are my buddy's and of course my fav is myself, Kiya.


Dory Nordlinger said...

I've never seen such interesting chickens!