Saturday, July 21, 2012

SHS 7.21.12.

I love how barbed-wire is wrapped around itself over and over again.
Kiya (left) and Henny Penny (right) spent a lot of time together, Kiya is 9 and Henny Penny was 10. 2 days ago, a predator got Henny Penny. R.I.P. Henny Penny.
Time Together

My story is my photography story, this is the first photo I ever put on my blog, that was almost 7 months ago, my first blog post. When I put it on my blog I thought it was a good picture.
Now I can't believe that I posted it. I have grown a lot in the sense of photography and in my opinion it has has gotten to be quite good. I'm not a professional photography by a long shot, but I hope I will be someday.
Tell Me A Story

My little sister insists that Blanco and Cleo are a couple.
Love Couple
I had a lot of fun with this one, duplicating sunglasses, my props: Sunglasses, Mirror, Camera, Picmonkey.


Karen said...

I love that you posted your first photo! I think the exact same thing when I look at my past photos. I love that chickens can be a couple too :)

bettyl said...

Interesting group of photos. The chickens are lovely!

Karen said...

Sorry about your little Henny sad. Love your chicken photos. xx

Nancy Claeys said...

Poor Henny Penny -- so sorry! Thank you for sharing at YSB this week.

Patti said...

Awe Henny sad.
Love your "wrapped" picture! Amazing textures in that one!

Tamar SB said...

Love wrapped! And duplicated is great too!

Deanna said...

cute, cute line up this week. always do like chickens, interesting to photograph!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Henny Penny. I'm so sorry.
I like the barbed wire shot.

Roberta Josephine said...

I have to tell you, when I link and comment I always select one linky icon from each row to comment on. I end up on your blog over and over again :) Your photos grab me. This one did today too! See you next week Yolanda!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Henny Penny. It's a tough life as a chicken. I agree that you've become quite the photographer, and I'm sure you'll make to as a professional some day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the time has flown by, I can't believe it's Wednesday already... I've been outside painting the house everyday, all day! Love your entry, thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #40!

Deborah said...

you have posted some great shots - I even like your first post shot!