Monday, July 9, 2012

Observing Beauty ~Self Portrait/Any Portrait~ Week 9

I'm co-hosting Observing Beauty with Bethany, Beth, and Sue!

Its hard to believe that this has been going on for 9 weeks already!
It has been a great experience and a lot of fun.
I hope that this continues to grow over time.

I'm using my cat Billie. She is currently mad at me because I got a new kitten that she doesn't like much. So I am making sure I give her extra attention!

Here are the rules.
  • Photos must be taken by you and relevant to this weeks prompt.
  • Specify which photo you are linking up (if more then one photo is in your post).
  • All photos must be G rated. We can delete any entries we find inappropriate.
  • Leave the link to your post, not your blog URL.
  • Leave our button or link back to one of our blogs in your post.
  • If your photo is the winner of the challenge we can post it on our blogs.
  • Please comment on other participants photos.
  • Have fun!
Upcoming challenges:
July 16 - Sky
July 23 - Macro
July 30 - Animals


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

She's a very pretty cat!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

hey Yolanda, you asked how to enter my giveaway. You click on the "Read More" and it'll pull up Rafflecopter. The first entry is to visit the site and pick a dress you like and leave a comment about it. After that, there are other choices that can earn you entries. Good luck! said...

Aww poor Billie feeling a little jealous! Well it's good she is getting some extra attention from you. What a beauty she is!