Monday, September 3, 2012

Observing Beauty ~Brown~ Week 17

I'm co-hosting Observing Beauty with NC Sue and Bethany!

I actually missed last week, sorry about that!
This weeks prompt is Brown.

  • Photo must be taken by you and relevant to this weeks prompt.
  • Specify which photo you are linking up (if more then one photo is in your post).
  • All photos must be G rated. We can delete any entries we find inappropriate.
  • Link up with the link to your post, not your main blog URL.
  • Leave our button or a link back to one of our blogs in your post.
  • If your photo is the winner of the challenge, we can post it on our blogs.
  • Please comment on other participants photos.
  • Have fun!
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ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Why are frogs so cute ~ Excellent macro ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Kateri said...

I love toads--great photo1

Mama Zen said...

Marvelous shot!

Anonymous said...

That is a cute little toad. I've actually seen one or two lately since we've had a bit of rain.

Brad Lekin said...

Marvelous shot! thanks for psting me
i like it
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city said...

thanks for sharing.