Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Edit Me Week 26

From this..

to this.
What I did:
  • Highlighted the picture with blond, then with brown.
  • Fancy focus, the baby was already the focus of the picture but I made it so he was even more so.
  • Focal soften, softening everything else.
  • Then I turned the clarity up to 23%.

What do you think of my edit?

Edit Me


sommerfugldesign said...

I really like your edit. You gave it great warmth!

MG Atwood said...

I like the way the water droplets show up more on your edit. Nice job!

k*handtke said...

Love how you softened the surroundings, bringing out Jonah! And I love the cat photo in your header!

Roan said...

The water droplets show up more with your edit. Love the added warmth, too.

Sarah said...

He was lookin a little chilly, but you warmed him right up and you defintiely made that cutie stand out more with your background softening. Nice!

Vickie said...

Wow, the water does pop! Nice job!