Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hatched Chick #1!

Chick #1 has officially hatched!
 She (no I don't actually know if its a girl yet) hatched almost 2hours ago. She looks almost exactly like a Black Australorp but she is half Ameraucana.

Sorry for the bad quality pics but I didn't want to open the incubator just for pics, so when I take her out tomorrow I will just have to have a photoshoot!

The egg with the big hole in it suffocated a bit before Chicky hatched

Billie was keeping me company while I was in the basement by the incubator.

She is such a naughty kitty!

Ok well I will post tomorrow with pics of Miss Chicky!

Ta ta for now!

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1 comment:

Charade said...

Oh, yes, the squinty-eye look meant to say, "I'm just keeping you company. I really have no interest in dinner, er, I mean no interest in whatever it is you're doing there." Too funny!