Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Edit Me Challenge Week 17

This is my photo that I would like to be judged.
Here's what I did for the first edit.
  1. Crop it so its just the flowers.
  2. I'm feeling lucky, which just brightened the colors a tiny bit.
  3. Lomoish, which added a neon look and focused more on the flowers.
  4. 1960's to give it an older look.
  5. Polaroid which just changed the shape of the picture

This one is just for fun.

  1. Invert colors so its purples and blues.
  2. 1960's to give the background a pinky color.
  3. Vignette, which blurs the edges.

Edit Me


k*handtke said...

It just glows! How beautiful! (And I love the inverted colors as well)

Yolanda @ Chickens on the Moon said...

Oh thanks a bunch K*handtke ;)

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Very bright and cheerful. :)

Marty Mason said...

I love your edit....both versions!

Deborah said...

they are both fun edits!

Denise said...

very cool

Diane O. said...

I really like the polaroid effect. Brings me back to my childhood. Very nice edit!