Friday, February 3, 2012

K is for Kiya and Mythral

Mythral is on the left and Kiya is on the right.
Mythral is almost 4 years old and Kiya is about 8.
Kiya is Mythral's mom.

 I will try to do at least one post per week, every Friday I will try to remember to do a post about a different chicken or duck or just some random animal from around the farm.

Also if there is random chat speak somewhere in my blog posts just ignore it.

Linking to Jenny Matlocks Alphabe-Thursday where the letter is K.

4 comments: said...

They are adorable!!!

Yolanda Ronaldo said...

Thank you! They are great chickens!

Jenny said...

Oh wow! What neat chickens! I'm a teensy bit afraid of's something to do with their feet, which is weird I know!

But I really enjoyed looking at yours Miss Yolanda!

You said you experiment with hair dye. What color is your hair now?

Thanks for linking up to Alphabe-Thursdays letter "K".


Yolanda Ronaldo said...

My hair is currently a bright red but it is fading quickly so I will need to dye it again soon! I usually experiment with purples and reds and once I got a red that was to bright and my hair turned out hot pink! My cousins are so scared of chickens that when they see one they run the other way screaming!