Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Chick and Duckling Pens

They are all so big! 
And the chicks are in the ugly/awkward looking stage already, but some new chicks will should start hatching on Saturday or Sunday!

I put Tomato in their pen last night to see what she would do and
she was talking to them and acting like they were her babies, it was adorable!

I couldn't get any pictures of both of them without one of them moving.

This is their new pen, much bigger then their old one!

I didn't get any good pics of the new duck pen but this is the door,
which I can lift easily in and out. I will take more pictures soon!

They are all so big now!
From the left: Oreo, Goldilocks, and Nicki.

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Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Awww, I'd love to have baby ducks! We're introducing our chicks to the existing flock now. So far they are separated by chicken wire and I'm a little worried that the new ones will get pecked! I'm glad yours seem to be working well. If you want to see our chicks and their pen you can see it on this post

Nancy said...

Loving the babies! Especially the ducks. :)

Anonymous said...

They get big so quickly! I bet they are really enjoying more space.

Yolanda @ Chickens on the Moon said...

It sure seems like they are!

Lori said...

Oh how super cute! Love all the babies, you have very busy!

Thanks so much for sharing with Foto Friday,

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

They're all looking so great!

Jess said...

Awww... I still think they're so cute when they get to that awkward teenager stage. Hee hee!